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5 Crystals to Help you Clear Your Energy

“Energy clearing” is the process of restoring the feeling of balance, harmony and flow within or around you by releasing stress or blockages within your subtle energy systems. 

The clearer your energy is, the more refined your vibration is, and you will find your mind is clearer, your intuition is sharper, and your emotional energy can flow through you freely, and you can manifest things that you want more easily! You can read more about What is energy clearing and why you need to do it here (

You will notice that “grounding” your energy goes hand in hand with energy clearing.

This is because the Earth’s gravitational force has a drawing effect, absorbing energies with ease. We can consciously harness this magnetic force by releasing energy through our feet and base chakra – our physical and energetic connection points with the Earth!

Crystals, being part of the earth, an help magnify this process of grounding and energy clearing through absorbing and purifying energy!

Here are some of our favourite Energy Clearing crystals, and why you would use them!

There are many others that you can use for helping to clear your energy, including Fluorite, Carnelian, Citrine, Sunnite and Zeolites, but we have chosen these top 5!


  1. Selenite.Selenite is my favourite crystal for energy clearing, as it has a high vibration and is very quick and effective at clearing the auric field. It surrounds your auric field with angelic energy, creating a protective field and opening up your higher chakras so that you can more easily connect with your Spirit Guides. Selenite helps to clear energetic cords or attachments, as well as energetic “debris” from your energy system, allowing a more free-flowing energy up through the higher chakras.
  2. Smokey Quartz. One of the best crystals to keep around your home and for grounding your energy i.e. drawing spiritual energies through the body and sending energy downward to connect with the earth. Smokey quartz is also highly protective to have around you, as it can absorb and transmute energy from its surrounding environment into the earth so it is neutralized. It can help purge the atmosphere from energetic debris caused by conflicts, or other disharmonious energy, helping to keep the surrounding area feeling stable. It also is great to hold onto or wear if you are feeling stressed or anxious, as it absorbs and grounds energy so easily, assisting you to keep a clear mind and feel more at ease.
  3. Black Tourmaline. Known as a “stone of purification and protection”, Black Tourmaline can help keep your auric field clear of imbalances as it is a strong absorber of energy and can be highly protective around other people, places or energies with “bad vibes”, or disharmonious energy. It absorbs, transmutes and purifies energy into the earth, acting like an energetic vacuum for energetic debris and filtering energy. Holding or wearing black tourmaline can be very helpful in times of stress, or when you need to clear negative thoughts and feelings to help be more grounded, which in turns helps us feel centered.
  4. Black Kyanite. Sometimes called a “witch’s broom”, this powerful stone can clear energy blockages quickly and both grounds and energizes. It can be used as an energy healing tool on yourself or others, as like the other crystals mentioned, it creates a protective shield around your energy especially whilst doing healing or psychic work.
  5. Calcite. Calcite comes in a variety of different colors, ranging from red to blue, black and clear. All calcites have the ability to cleanse energy and work in a gentle way, with each color working on a different resonating energy center. All calcites work on clearing the mental body which is where our beliefs, thoughts and intuitive intelligence lies. As calcite resonates with the Fire element, it can help get things moving and are especially fantastic for clearing energy patterns that may be keeping us stuck, helping to move us forward. Green calcite is a powerful emotional cleanser of the heart chakra, blue calcites can clear the mind and the throat chakra, gold calcite can clear blocks to abundance and the solar plexus chakra, orange calcite clears sacral chakra blocks to creativity to name a few, and clear calcite is fantastic for clearing blockages to your spiritual connection. 

As with all crystals, you will find you are drawn to the ones you resonate with the most strongly, so let your own intuition guide you to the most suitable crystal (or combination!) to help clear your energy! 

To assist with energy clearing, you can also burn some sage or palo santo to enhance the process of shifting any remaining energetic debris, and also to cleanse the crystals that you have been using for energy clearing! 


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