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Sparkling Secrets: How to Keep Your Crystals Dust-Free and Gleaming

Keeping your precious gemstones dust-free is essential for maintaining their natural beauty and energetic properties. If crystals are left in one place for a long time without being cleaned or energetically cleansed, their energy can become dull and stagnant... which is not the energy you want to add to your space!

Remember, crystals store and amplify energy, so maintaining their physical and energetic cleanliness is quite important if you wish for them to bring positive vibes to your space!

In this blog post, we'll explore some handy tips and tricks to ensure that your crystals remain pristine, free from dust and dirt. Say goodbye to cloudy crystals and hello to a dazzling display of gemstone brilliance!

  1. Feather Dusting Delight:

Embrace your inner magician with the timeless art of feather dusting! Gently sweep a soft, clean feather or a feather duster over your crystals. This delicate touch will whisk away any surface dust without causing any harm or scratches. With a wave of your feathered wand, your crystals will shimmer and shine like never before.

  1. Microfiber Magic:

When it comes to capturing dust particles, microfiber cloths are your crystal's best friend. Grab a clean and dry microfiber cloth and gently wipe your crystals to remove any accumulated dust. The ultra-soft fibres will ensure a thorough cleanse while keeping your crystals safe from scratches. Let the magic of microfiber reveal the true radiance of your gemstone treasures!

  1. Air Spray Refreshment:

Give your crystals a breath of fresh air with a gentle spritz! Fill a spray bottle with clean water or a mild crystal-friendly cleansing solution. Lightly mist the air above your crystals, allowing the droplets to settle and attract any lingering dust particles. Watch as the air spray refreshes your crystals, leaving them looking as clear as a summer sky.

  1. Crystal Display Cases:

Provide your crystals with a stylish sanctuary that shields them from dust and dirt—a crystal display case. Opt for a display case with glass or transparent panels to showcase your gemstone collection while keeping it dust-free. The transparent enclosure will protect your crystals from environmental pollutants, ensuring they remain dazzling and ready to captivate.

  1. Monthly Bath Rituals:

Just like us, crystals benefit from a rejuvenating bath every now and then. Fill a bowl or basin with lukewarm water and add a mild crystal-safe cleansing solution. Gently place your crystals in the bath and let them soak for a few minutes. Afterward, use a soft brush or toothbrush to gently remove any stubborn dirt or dust. Rinse thoroughly, pat them dry, and behold your crystal treasures in their renewed splendour! Make sure your crystals are water safe though before using this method! Read our next blog post to find out which common crystals are water safe and which aren’t.

  1. Protective Cloths or Pouches:

Wrap your crystals in a cosy embrace using soft protective cloths or pouches. These can act as a barrier against dust and dirt while also safeguarding your gemstones from potential scratches or damage. When not in use, simply tuck your crystals away in their protective coverings until they're ready to make their next grand appearance.

  1. Compressed Air Wizardry:

Unleash the power of compressed air to banish dust from your crystals with a gentle blast. Grab a can of compressed air commonly used for cleaning electronics and hold it a few inches away from your crystals. Give them a quick, controlled burst of air, ensuring you cover all the nooks and crannies. The powerful air stream will dislodge stubborn dust particles, leaving your crystals looking fresh and vibrant.

  1. Makeup Brush Bliss:

Makeup brushes make brilliant crystal cleaning tools. Choose a soft, clean makeup brush with bristles that are gentle on your crystals. Lightly sweep the brush over your gemstones, using small, circular motions to whisk away any dust or debris. The soft bristles will delicately clean the surface of your crystals, revealing their natural lustre.

We suggest buying new brushes to keep solely for the purpose of cleaning your crystals so that you are not transferring any oils or dirt from a used brush onto your crystals.

By following these simple yet effective methods, you can ensure that your crystal companions remain dust-free, gleaming, and ready to harmonise your space with their energetic brilliance. Embrace the magic of feather dusting, microfibre cloths, air sprays, crystal display cases, refreshing baths, protective coverings, compressed air or the gentle caress of a makeup brush to keep your gemstones in their most enchanting state. With a little care and attention, your crystals will continue to shine bright, bringing joy and positive energy to your life. Happy cleaning!

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