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How to activate crystals & inspire them with your intentions


Crystals are powerful tools for healing, manifesting, magick-making and supporting us to integrate various energetic frequencies into our energy field. They each have their own specific frequency or vibration, as do we, so it’s important to remember that the way those two vibrations interact will be different with one person to the next!

We each have our own unique soul purpose and journey, and crystals can help to support us to restore balance, harmony and stability within our energy field, and can also assist us to evolve our awareness and level of consciousness through opening us up to specific frequencies. 

"Activating" a crystal simply means to connect with its energy or frequency in a conscious way, i.e. with intention. Crystals work well when we have a purpose for working with them, as this helps to integrate their purpose and vibration with ours. Whilst you don't have to do this,  find its a really great way to get to know your crystals, and also to get to know yourself!

You may already have your own way of doing this and so our general guideline below is simply one way to do this, and not the only way! Just do whatever feels right for you!

How to Activate or “Inspire” your Crystals with Intentions


  1. Cleanse your crystal. If you want to cleanse your crystal but don't know how, read this! Whenever you purchase a crystal or gemstone jewellery from Nature’s Magick, we have already done a vibrational clearing on the crystal for you using a quartz crystal singing bowl, and given it a blessing by sending Reiki energy through the crystal with the intention for your crystal to connect with you when you receive it. Therefore, you do not need to cleanse your crystal when you receive it (unless you want to, of course!)
  2. Ground and centre yourself. I suggest initially centring and grounding your own energy before connecting with the crystal’s energy. You can do this through simply taking a few deep breaths and becoming present in your body and mind, as this can help you to increase your awareness and improve the clarity of the connection with the crystal. You don’t have to do this, but I do recommend it if you want to learn how to connect with crystals in a conscious way.                                                                                                    
  3. Activate Receptivity & Connection. Whenever you receive a new crystal to begin working with, I recommend holding the crystal in your left hand (your receiving hand) and sitting in meditation with it for at least 5 minutes. Simply have the intention to connect with your crystal and its vibration, and be open to receiving its energy and any messages it may have for you. Let go of any expectations that you will hear/see/feel anything in particular and just be open to receive this information on some level of your being, and trust that even if you are not consciously aware of this information, that it is being received and integrated on a higher level of consciousness. Notice any sensation changes in your body or shifts in awareness etc. and give thanks to the crystal for its connection. You may wish to journal any insights or messages after doing this.Labradorite palm stone
  4. Activate your Intention. Crystals work well with us when we inspire them with a particular intention, which creates a direction for its energy to flow towards. It is likely (but not always the case!) that you were drawn to this crystal for a specific purpose. Or, you may already have a particular intention, which is why you chose this crystal! Or, maybe you were just drawn to the crystal intuitively and have no conscious intention other than just allowing the crystal to work with you on an unconscious level! There is no right or wrong way to activate an intention with a crystal, other than simply being clear in your intent! You could have a simple healing intention such as increasing self-confidence, opening your heart to receive more love, deepening your meditation etc. Or your intention may be to explore the crystal's vibration and be open to receive whatever healing or awareness that arises.                                                                   
  5. Visualise your desired outcome. Hold the crystal in your right hand (your giving/expressing hand), and visualise the outcome you desire through working with this crystal. For example, if you have chosen to work on energetic protection, you may wish to visualise the energy from the crystal surrounding you with a bubble of energy or a shield, and that any unwanted energies are deflected by this shield. Connect with the FEELING of protection and feeling safe, and send that feeling into your crystal. Or, if you want a crystal to support your emotional healing, imagine yourself in a perfect state of emotional balance, feeling love, joy and vitality! It is always important to be CLEAR in your intention, and to focus on the desired outcome, and not what you don’t want! You can keep this part of the process very simple.
  6. Express your gratitude! Gratitude opens our heart and soul to receive, so it is a good habit to cultivate a general "attitude of gratitude"! Always remember to give thanks and have gratitude for the crystal supporting you on your journey! Give thanks to the crystal for working with you to integrate its vibration with yours, so that you can manifest more balance, harmony and awareness in your life.                     Opening your heart with gratitude

Remember that there is no "one right way" to work with crystals... part of the journey of working with crystals is for you to discover what works for you, and to have your own experiences working with crystal magick! 

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