Smudge Stick - Yerba Santa

Smudge Stick - Yerba Santa

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Yerba Santa  translates to "Holy Herb" and is sacred to Native Americam and Spanish cultures. It is a traditional smoke clearing herb that is said to call in the spiritual energies of protection, purification, spiritual strength & courage, enhance healing and psychic abilities, and can assist one to connect with their inner-most self.

It has also been used in protection rituals, and helps to set energetic boundaries for healing and other sacred or spiritual work, as well as helping in the release of emotional pain from the Heart Chakra.
This yerba santa smoke bundle is made from the leaves and stems. 
The "mini" size is about 3 inches long. 

Instructions for use:
1. Light the leaves of the smoke bundle and gently blow out when properly lit.
2. Place over a heatproof container or cauldron to catch any falling ash.
3. Fan smoke with your hand, smoke fan or smoke feather.
4. Once you are finished, safely extinguish the burning herbs in a cauldron or other heatproof container.