.935 Sterling Silver Figaro Chain 1.5mm

.935 Sterling Silver Figaro Chain 1.5mm

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Style: Figaro Chain

Width: 1.5mm

Length: 18" (45cm) and 20" (50cm) available. Please select using the drop-down menu above.

About .935 sterling silver 

We are happy to offer a selection of German-made .935 sterling silver tarnish-resistant silver chains! Normally sterling silver is .925 (92.5% silver) however these chains have undergone a Pronice tarnish-retardant treatment which is applied using nanotechnology and interacts with the silver on a molecular level. For the treatment to take effect, additional silver is used making them at least 93.5% silver, with only jewellery-grade copper added as the alloy, to increase strength.

This means that your silver chain will never go black however they will still need a quick wipe over with a silver polishing cloth to keep them shiny as they may go dull.