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Fossil - Ammonite

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Ever stumbled upon the enchanting world of ammonites? These spiral-shaped fossils are like time capsules from eons ago, and guess what? They're not just about looks – they carry metaphysical superpowers that can sprinkle a bit of magic into your life!

Picture holding a piece of ancient history, millions of years old, and feeling its vibes connect with yours. Ammonites are said to be more than just relics; they're thought to bring a dash of something special to the table. 

Ammonites are remnants of prehistoric marine creatures, and as such, they're often associated with ancient wisdom and knowledge. Holding or meditating with an ammonite might be thought to connect you with the wisdom of the ages, fostering a deeper understanding of the past.

Metaphysical Properties of Fossil - Ammonite: Abundance, Earth healing, Transformation, Evolution, Growth, Stimulate Chi, Activating life path, Protection

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