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If self-doubt and negative self-talk are keeping you playing small, and preventing you from doing the things you want for fear of what others think, or if you are wanting to dream big and need bold energy to follow through, let these gems support your Solar Plexus chakra and clear blocks to confidence in yourself! The best crystals to enhance self-confidence are 

  • Citrine has pure positive energy, and can help you to enhance your personal power by clearing negativity and helping you to see the bright side of life! 
  • Tiger’s Eye enhances your personal power and confidence by providing you with an optimistic outlook, increased self-respect, strength and courage to be yourself!
  • Carnelian is another powerful confidence booster, stimulating life force energy and encouraging you to take action, especially in relationships!
  • Sunstone is emotionally empowering, releasing fear and giving you the strength and confidence to shine as bright as the sun, and step towards success in business, love and life! 
  • Ruby is a powerful gemstone of self-love, which in turn activates self-confidence and also can give confidence in leadership and business.
  • Trust your own intuitive feeling as to which crystal is the appropriate one for you!

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