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Super Full Moon in Virgo – Tuesday 10th March 2020

This Tuesday's Super Full Moon in Virgo also coincides with its ruling planet, Mercury, going direct after being in retrograde.

A Full Moon is a time of culmination, celebration, and release. It can also associated with heightened emotions, stronger intuition and some people may find it harder to sleep during these phases of the moon too!

A Super Moon is where the Moon is closer to Earth, creating a stronger effect than usual, as its gravitational pull is more potent.

This Virgo Full Moon’s themes are Illumination, Seeing the bigger picture, Clearing out the Past and Re-organising for the Future!


  • Mutable sign: Flexible, Physical, Changeable
  • Earth element: Realistic, Process Oriented, Analytical, Health Conscious
  • Body connections: Nervous system, Digestive System, Spleen

Virgo rules over the work environment, financial improvements, self-improvement, health, self-care, stability, victory. 

This Full Moon in Virgo is showing us where we need to release and let go of the past, so that we can move forward in our life!

Use this energy to see where you need to create balance and live with integrity.  If you are dealing with an addiction or a negative habit, this full moon can assist in releasing it.

This Full Moon in Virgo deals with:

  • Health and wellness
  • Living life with a purpose
  • Daily routine
  • Material world
  • Order and discipline

Use this Full Moon’s energy to:

  • Check in with your health & wellbeing - What do you need to pay attention to? What habits do you need to change to support your health?
  • Re-connect with your purpose - are you living in alignment with it? If not, what is one step you can take to move you closer towards a life that is lived with purpose?
  • Organise your environment! How does your environment make you feel? Is it organised or cluttered? Maybe its time to clean out and let go of old, unwanted or broken things you dont need, or freshen up your living space! 
  • Review your daily routine. Do your daily rituals and habits support and nourish your health, happiness and take you closer to achieving your goals? Perhaps it is time to make a few adjustments!
  • Meditate! Moon meditation is extremely powerful as the Full Moon is a time to draw down the energy of the Moon and connect to it.

Crystals for Virgo: Moss Agate, Amazonite, Amethyst, Andalusite, Chrysocolla, Fossils, Garnet, Lodestone, Magnetite, Snowflake Obsidian, Pink Opal, Peridot, Clear Quartz, Sapphire, Sugilite and Zircon

Candle colors for Full Moon in Virgo ~  Pastel shades of blue, gold, jade green, autumn hues, peach, yellow, and amethyst.  

Herbs for Virgo ~ caraway, dill, mint, chervil, morning glory, cornflower, petunias, horehound, lavender, lily and marjoram.

According to Tanaaz:  

“This Super Full Moon is going to shine a light on things that have felt foggy or unclear. It is going to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow so we can find our way forward. 

What are you not paying attention to? What nagging signs or symptoms have you been pushing away? 

This Virgo Moon is a seeker of truth and will be guiding us to follow the trail of breadcrumbs so we can come to new realizations, healings, and awakenings. 

Virgo is represented by the virgin, but this symbol is more about coming into our own strength and inner wisdom. It is about knowing that we have the power to heal ourselves, others, the planet, and our collective heart.

March has bold, potent energy, and with this Moon, big and bright in the sky, we are going to be feeling the intensities and the transformations that this month brings.

There is strong, transformative energy flowing all the way through the month of March, and with this Full Moon illuminating or highlighting things for us, we need to ensure that we are protecting and looking after our own health and wellbeing. 

Schedule that doctor’s appointment, go talk to a therapist, take a walk, sit in meditation, get your hair done. Do whatever you need to honor your own healing journey and feel good about yourself.

March’s Full Moon is also preparing us for the start of the astrological year which begins on the Equinox later this month. 

It is time for us to enter a new cycle, but before we can step onto this new path that is opening for us, we have to bring acceptance to where we stand today. 

We have to radically accept our past, our pains, our grief, our mistakes, our triumphs, our family, our story, so we can move forward."


What are you paying attention to this Full Moon? What are you consciously releasing and letting go of?


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