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Moon Magick to enhance Manifestation

I have always loved connecting with the Moon taking the time to gaze at it, notice it's cycles and how they influence my own. Over the years, I have become more aware of how these Lunar cycles can be harnessed to empower manifestation and magick too! As goes the natural law - as above, so below - we can see how the macrocosm (the universe) is reflected in the microcosm (you!).

The Moon's energy is magnetic, and its gravitational pull has an obvious effect on the ocean's tides and water, and it is with this concept that we can connect how we too can be influenced by this force, as we are made up of around two thirds water! Despite scientists debating that point, there is nothing quite like your own direct experience of reality to make up your own mind on whether you personally feel these effects.


The Moon, Water, Emotions and Intuition

The element of Water connects to our emotional body, which may be why we can feel more heightened emotions particularly around a full moon. Some people also find that their sleep lessens and they feel more energised around the time of the full moon. Dreams may be more vivid, and intuition and psychic awareness may also be enhanced at this time. This is also part of the reason that it can be helpful to connect with and understand lunar cycles so we can become aware of patterns within our own behaviour and experiences.

The Moon is also connected to our receptivity, which includes our intuition. Intuitive awareness can also increase with increased lunar light and activity. If we are still and choose to become receptive, such as in meditation,we may receive greater insights into ourselves, and have greater awareness and insight into challenges as well as being able to gain clarity on our soul's inner guidance.

Lunar Cycles and Fertility

The Moon is associated with "Yin" energy, which is receptive/magnetic in nature (sometimes referred to as "feminine" but it is not just about gender). As a woman, we do have a innate connection with Lunar cycles. Our own menstrual/fertility cycle is on average, 28-30 days, as is that of the moon (29.5)! Gotta love Nature's reflections - as above, so below!

And just like our fertility cycles that builds (the waxing moon), reaches a peak (full moon/ovulation) and then the energy slowly releases (waning moon) until its temporarily dormant for a few days (no moon/dark moon, bleeding time) the energetic pull towards the Earth is stronger, before the new moon appears and a new cycle begins! 

So, much like our fertility cycle holds powerful potential for creation, so too does the Moon. For those who do not have a menstrual cycle to follow, the Moon can provide an alternative energetic alignment to use with intention to empower magick, and manifestation work.

Lunar Cycles and Gardening

You may have also heard of gardeners utilising a Moon Planting Guide to aid the growth of their plants. It is recommended that seeds are planted at a dark moon, as the earth's pull is stronger and root growth is more prominent during this time, whereas during a full moon the plant's foliage is more likely to grow. Interesting!

We too, can use this as a metaphor for when to "plant the seeds" of our intentions & desires, when to focus on growth, when to focus on releasing energy and when to release things that are not coming to fruition so that we can create a fertile ground for the next cycle.


Moon Phase Magick

A New Moon is when the first crescent appears in the sky, heralding the beginning of a new Lunar Cycle. This is a great time for seeding your intentions for what you want more of in your life, new ideas you want to grow, and anything to do with creating your future. This energy may also align with "Springtime" energy. Planting seeds of intention at a new moon mean that we can get the natural energy flow of growth behind our intent. As the energy of the moon increases over the coming weeks, our seeds of intention begin to manifest, grow and evolve in accordance with our path.

Each New Moon is in a different astrological sign, so if you wanted to take things a step further in terms of aligning with various energies, you can look further into the specific governing areas that each sign covers. For example, the New Moon in Capricorn is a great time to put new structures and routines in place for success, career or business.


The Waxing Moon is the period between the New Moon and Full Moon, where energy is building, and the moon appears to be more visible each night. This is a good time to put forth your intentions of that which needs an increase or growth, and to take action on those things to create momentum and build energy.

Much like tending to any other seeds you plant, you can't just make an intention and expect it to sort itself out... sometimes a seed will be strong enough to get what it needs from nature and it will survive, but more often than not, if you want your seed to THRIVE you need to water and nurture the seed! Over the course of the Waxing Moon, you must nurture and support the growth of your intention by taking action towards helping it become a reality! For example, perhaps you want to invite in more abundance, or call in a promotion at work. 


The Full Moon is a powerful time of heightened energy, and the most potent part of the Lunar Cycle. The bright light of the moon can illuminate our awareness and heighten our intuitive and psychic senses, making this a powerful time of reflection, as well as expression. As it is a peak state of energy, it can be a great time to release energy through dance, or other expression such as writing, art or other creativity. The Full Moon is also time of reaping the rewards of our growth and harvesting the fruits of our labour. It is a time to give thanks and celebrate our creation. 

It's also a great time for connection and social celebrations, and can be also a powerful time for intimate relationships and rituals around fertility and abundance. It can also be a powerful time of release. Many Witches perform spellwork on this occasion, as its energy can be harnessed for any intention. 



The Waning Moon is the period between the Full Moon and the Dark Moon, when the Moon starts to reduce in size each night, and the energy gradually decreases. During the last quarter of the moon, it is time for us to let go and release our creation, giving back to the Earth that which is no longer needed to fertilise the next cycle of growth. 

This is a great time to focus your intentions on reducing things you no longer want, or things you want to clear out of your life, or things you want to decrease. It is a time to reduce outward action and begin to turn your energy inwards to reflect. It may be a good time to focus on losing weight, removing obstacles, resolving conflicts or clearing negativity. Much like Autumn, it is a time for letting go and releasing what is no longer needed, what didn't come to pass and allow space for new things to come into our lives in the next cycle.


The Dark Moon is when you can no longer see the Moon in the night sky, and last a few days. It is akin to Winter time and hibernation, and is a great time to slow down, go inwards to reflect. It is not a time to do Magick, but rather to restore your energy for the coming cycle. As we connect with our Divine Feminine / Yin aspect, we have the potential to seed our intentions for what we want to create for the coming moon/month within the Universal Womb, the Womb of All Creation. We can align ourselves with the power of natural cycles to grow, heal, or transform, whatever it is that we wish for ourselves or our life.


Start paying attention to the Lunar Cycles to enhance your Magick and Manifestation

It's good to get into the habit of being aware of Lunar Cycles if you want to connect with them for Magick and manifestation. It can be as simple as taking a moment to gaze out your window and greet the moon, or you may even wish to go outside and enjoy some quiet time with the moonlight shining down on you.

You could also get into the habit of journalling, noticing how you are feeling throughout the Lunar Cycle, and whether it may even align with your own Fertility Cycle.

If you want to learn more about Moon Magick, Manifesting and which crystals to use during different parts of the Lunar Cycle, follow @naturesmagickcrystals to see when we post our next Blog in this series!


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