About Live Sales

Michelle creates a relaxed, fun and friendly live shopping experience, as she presents you with a selection of our gorgeous crystal jewellery, beautiful minerals and crystals and other magickal products for you to purchase!

Live Sales are an interactive shopping experience that give you an opportunity to see our full range of crystals and jewellery including our newest arrivals, see items you are interested in from our website, and you can have your questions answered directly! 


Where do I find the Live Sales?

Head over to Nature's Magick Facebook Page and LIKE our page! We do public Live Sales every Sunday from 4.30pm until late.

You can also join the Nature's Magick VIP Customer Group to get exclusive access to Saturday Live Sales from 4.30pm where we show our newest arrivals, plus special offers ONLY available to customers!



🤗 Exclusive access to items not yet available on our website - be first to view and purchase new stock!

🔥 We always have some BARGAINS up for grabs, with up to 30% off!! 

😍 Each week we will show different items. We build a list of items/sections people want to see 

🦄 Bonus gifts / free gifts, or other special offers not available any other time!

💎Get to learn more about the crystals on offer, and have a chance to ask questions about the products on offer.

👍Best of all, it's like your own private viewing of our collection from wherever you are!! No need to brave the Melbourne cold/heat or get out of bed early to find us at the market!! Grab a cuppa (or glass of wine!) and make yourself comfy on the couch where you can relax and enjoy! 

How to buy during the sale?

✅ Simply comment SOLD and the item code that you want to buy in the comments of the live viewing! We will confirm that we have seen your comment, and will put the item aside for you.

✅ At the end of the live sale, you will need to send us a message with your email address (if you are a new customer) so we can send you an invoice for secure payment from our website!

✅ AFTERPAY and ZIP MONEY available to approved customers online!

Simply LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook and check out our page for updates on our next Live Sale! PLUS remember to join our VIP CUSTOMER GROUP to connect with us! 


Live Sale Guidelines & Terms of Sale

We want our live sale to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone, and for the most part we rarely have any issues as our customers are very respectful and kind to each other!
Occassionally more than one person wants the same item, and we understand it can be disappointing or frustrating to miss out on things, so we ask that you are respectful and kind and follow our simple rules for claiming:
~ To claim an item, you need to comment SOLD and the ITEM CODE e.g. SOLD 226. Or if you have forgotten the code, I will accept the price & name of the item e.g sold $15 amethyst. The code or price must be included to make it clear for us both - i dont accept “sold” on its own as sometimes there is a lag and I dont always know which item you want to claim.
~ The first comment to appear from MY end is the person who gets it. Sometimes your comment may show before anothers on your screen, but it comes down to what we see first.
~If you see something you like or are being drawn to a stone or want to see something in particular, just ask for it to be shown. If you asked to see it first, we may offer you first preference to purchase the item you wanted, but you are not under any obligation to take the item. Simply coment “pass” and it will be available to whoever wants it. Others can comment NIL (next in line) if they also want that item.
~ Once you comment SOLD on something, you agree to purchase that item. You may change your mind DURING the live sale, but once it is finished the sale is final. We understand that occasionally there are valid reasons why you cannot proceed with an order, so we will be flexible in circumstances whereby you are genuinely unable to make the purchase.
~ Invoices MUST be paid within 48hours of receiving them. If you cannot pay within 48 hours e.g. waiting for a pay cycle, please communicate this to us so we can make an alternative agreement. If the agreement is not honoured, or payments are not received by the following weekend, your items will be returned to the shelf to be available for others to purchase.
~ No discount code are to be used with Live Sale invoices. Please respect that as we offer discounts and freebies during the Live Sale, as well as offering free shipping and upgrades, discount codes are not to be used when you pay for your invoice. You are welcome to use discount codes when shopping via our website
~ Most of all, have FUN! Be kind and courteous to each other, be respectful and if you have any concerns, please private message us and we will always do our best to address any issues promptly.


~ Orders $100-$200 will be shipped as regular parcel post FREE,
~ Orders $50-$100 are charged at $5 for regular parcel post.
~ Orders under $50 are charged at regular Australia Post rates
You can read more of our Shipping Policy here:
Policy: Delayed Shipping of Orders
I have previously offered to "build a box" i.e. delayed shipping, to save on postage rates for people who have orders under $50. I need to clarify some guidelines around this.
  • Orders MUST be paid after each Live Sale.
  • Shipping costs will appear on initial invoice, but will be credited on your next invoice if you want to delay shipping.
  • The next order needs to be placed no later than 2 weeks after the first order, or your order will be automatically shipped.
THANK YOU everyone for following our guidelines!
Kind Regards,
Michelle and Adam