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Ethically Sourced Crystals

At Nature's Magick, we spend a lot of time seeking out suppliers who align with our philosophy of generally respecting and caring for the earth and its inhabitants, and therefore practicing conscious consumerism through environmental sustainability, fair trade and ethical business practices.

Where do your crystals come from?

We source our crystals from all over the world, and do our best to source our crystals and other products ethically and sustainably wherever we can. Two of our main crystal suppliers are from Africa and Brazil, which is where most of our crystal stock comes from.

Our Brazilian supplier’s philosophy is based on Fair Trade, respecting people and the world through consciously made products. They encourage fair labour conditions, environmental sustainability, a fair price and direct trade.

Our African supplier is actually a conservationist who is passionate about nature and sustainability. He and his wife have created a successful business that is aligned with nature conservation and has the view of creating a sustainable business that also supports their local community. They work to educate their local communities on environmental issues and solutions, and put a percentage of their profits towards anti-poaching and other conservationist projects. Their warehouse is also run off solar power.

The majority of their mined crystals are mined by hand, with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. They make every effort to not cut down any trees and educate the miners to ensure they leave minimal trace. Usually all that is left are small holes that often turn into waterholes for the wild animals to drink from!

Whilst they are aware of the generally destructive nature of the mining business, and do not deny that a small percentage of their material comes through industrial sources, they try and at least save the beautiful crystals that would otherwise be crushed up and destroyed during the processing of mining for copper and other minerals used for industrial purposes. Items such as laptops, electrical equipment, building supplies and other every-day use items that are in high demand are the main reason for mining these minerals, so better the crystals are saved rather than destroyed!

There is also a positive social impact as this company supports over 800 small-scale miners from remote areas whose families are supported with good income from their work, and who have also been given the opportunity to create other trade business opportunities with other miners in the community, such as selling laptops, solar panels or other goods to bring into their communities.

They also support hundreds of small lapidary businesses, providing affordable material at a price where they can make good money, and also offering to on-sell their products which helps everyone’s businesses and communities grow.

At Nature's Magick, we also do our best to recycle all our packaging, minimise the use of plastic and when products are sent to us in bubble wrap or plastic, we re-use this to send out products to you rather than throwing it away.