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What is Energy Clearing and Why You Need To Do It

It’s a new moon, so what a great time to launch the beginning of our Energy Clearing blog!

It’s time to welcome in the energy of new beginnings, and take time to tune in and refine your personal vision, setting intentions for the month ahead. 

However, in order to make space for the new to enter our lives, we must first clear away the “old”.

I will be sharing some knowledge around energy clearing in a series of blogs, as there is far too much information for one!

You can expect to learn:

~ What is Energy Clearing and Why You Need To Do It

~ 5 Benefits of Smudging with White Sage and Palo Santo

~ Signs you need to clear your energy

~ Tools for Energy clearing

~ How to do a personal energy clearing

~ How to do a space clearing 

~ How to do “cord cutting”

So... let's get started!

What is energy clearing?

Just had a fight with your partner and feel emotionally drained?

Or maybe you’ve had to deal with a challenging boss or colleague at work?

Or maybe your home is full of mess and clutter and things just feel overwhelming, chaotic or disharmonious?

Sounds like it might be time to do an energy clearing!

Energy Clearing

“Energy clearing” is the process of restoring balance, harmony and flow within and around you by releasing energy blockages or debris.

Energy Clearing can be done in many different ways, and the choice of tools or techniques will vary based on what is required. However, the intention and outcome are the same: to clear away stressful, disruptive, blocked or disharmonious energy, and to feel a sense of lightness, centeredness, calm and balance through restoring the movement and flow of energy.

Why energy clearing is important

Imagine what a room looks like if it hasn’t been physically cleaned for a period of time… it collects dust, rubbish, gets cluttered, has cobwebs and generally doesn’t look or feel very harmonious or peaceful… it feels stale, dull, may start to smell bad, and appear chaotic and uninviting… even repulsive!

You can accumulate energetic “debris” within your own energy field or within your environment that can create a sort of energetic density and heaviness that can be contributing to feelings of stress within you.

Energetic Debris

Sometimes you may not be aware of what it is exactly that is causing you to feel stressed or anxious. And you may not need to know why you feel that way… because the truth is, all you need to know is whether you want to change how you are feeling!

If you want to shift your emotional energy, all you need is a clear intention to create a shift in your own energy, and then to take action on making that happen by doing an energy clearing. 

Just like it is important to physically clean your space and yourself regularly, you should also maintain a level of “energetic hygiene” by doing energy clearing when things don’t feel good or you feel stressed.

Energetic Hygeine

Energy clearing changes how you feel as well as changing your personal vibration by shifting heavy or stuck energy within your subtle energy system.

The clearer your energy is, the more refined your vibration is, and you will find your mind is clearer, your intuition is sharper, and your emotional energy can flow through you freely, and you can manifest things that you want more easily!

When you allow stress and heavy emotional energy to linger, it creates stagnation and blockages within your energy system. These blockages can stop you from attracting good things into our lives, as we are electromagnetic beings - we attract the energy that we are sending out... so if you are stressed and your mindset is chaotic, you will attract more chaos. If you are feeling calm and your mindset is clear, you will attract what you want with greater ease!

Personal Vibration

Energy clearing is something that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and doesn’t need to be difficult or a lengthy process. Although, depending on WHAT you need to clear, some tools or techniques may be more effective than others!

We will go more into detail of the various ways and tools that can help you to clear energy in later blogs, so stay tuned for our next blog on 5 Benefits of Smudging with White Sage

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Michelle Rowland - Nature's Magick - Naturally Empowered WellnessMichelle Rowland is an Energy Worker and Holistic Therapist, qualified in Kinesiology, Life Coaching, Reiki, Flower Essence therapy, Crystal Healing and is a student Naturopath. She helps women to clear away their emotional blockages and stress, so that they can re-balance their body, mind, emotions and energy systems and become more empowered in their life.

Michelle is available for private consultations here

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