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How to make Crystal Elixirs and Gem Essences

Crystals are renowned for their powerful healing properties, but did you know that you can unlock even more benefits from their energy by creating crystal elixirs? Crystal elixirs, also known as gem water or crystal-infused water, is a potent way to imbibe the energetic essence of crystals, offering a refreshing and potentially transformative experience. Depending on the crystal and water used, crystal infused water can taste fresher and may also offer a range of health benefits.

The Benefits of Crystal Elixirs:

There are numerous benefits to creating crystal elixirs, and many people incorporate it into their wellness routines in various ways:

  • General Wellbeing: Drinking crystal elixirs may contribute to overall wellbeing.
  • Energising Facial or Aura Spritzer: Spritzing crystal water on your face or in your aura can provide a revitalising boost.
  • Therapeutic Remedies: Specific crystal water blends can target various physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns.

Scientific Insights:

A study conducted by the Hygiene Consultation Centre Pestel in Germany revealed intriguing findings regarding the efficacy of gem water. It showed that the growth of bacteria significantly slowed in water exposed to crystals compared to regular tap water. For instance, water energised with Quartz remained bacteria-free for several weeks when left standing in the open.

Direct Infusion in Water:

Popular crystals for direct infusion in water include Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Amethyst. These crystals may enhance the taste and freshness of water and also aid in its absorption by the body.

Russian Shungite is another favored option for infusing drinking water. Not only does it cleanse and energise the water, but it is believed to offer additional benefits with its EMF protective properties.

When using this method, it's advisable to choose smooth tumbled crystals or natural, unpolished ones, avoiding crystals with matrices that could compromise water quality.

Indirect Infusion Methods:

If you're unsure about directly infusing crystals into water or if certain crystals are toxic for ingestion, alternative methods can be employed:

  • Crystal Slab Infusion: Place a glass or decanter on a crystal slab for an infusion period of 4 – 16 hours.
  • Test Tube Infusion: Insert crystals into a glass or test tube placed within a larger container for faster infusion (2 – 14 hours).
  • Crystal Grid Infusion: Create a crystal grid around your water container using clear quartz points and other crystals, allowing for a safe and potent infusion.

Simple Crystal Combinations:

Here are some straightforward crystal combinations along with suitable infusion methods:

Crystal Safety:

It's crucial to be aware of crystals that are toxic for ingestion. Here's a list of crystals to avoid for direct infusion in water due to their toxicity:

Amazonite Trace amounts of Copper which is toxic.

Aventurine Contains Aluminium.

Azurite Contains Copper, Toxic.

Chrysocolla Contains poisonous/toxic copper. Safe for handling but not for use in elixirs.

Dioptase Contains poisonous/toxic copper. Safe for handling but not for use in elixirs.

Dumortierite Contains Aluminium.

Emerald Contains Aluminium.

Hematite Unfit for elixir use will rust with prolonged exposure in liquid.

Iolite Contains Aluminium.

Jadeite Contains Aluminium and Iron.

Kyanite Contains Aluminium.

Labradorite Contains Aluminium.

Lapis Lazuli Contains Sulphur and possible Pyrite inclusions which are poisonous.

Pyrite may contain intermixed Marcasite. The Marcasite with time and exposure to oxygen, may form a white powdery substance/residue which is poisonous/toxic Sulfuric Acid.) If this occurs you should not wear next to the skin or touch. Not recommended for Elixirs.

Selenite Unfit for internal ingestion tiny shards may break off in water.

Sodalite Contains Aluminium.

Tiger Eye Fibrous form contains asbestos. Not recommended to use raw forms for elixirs.

Unakite Contains Aluminium and may also contain Zirconium (Radioactive).

Variscite Contains Aluminium.

When in doubt, try an indirect method instead if you want to ingest your gem essence. The best crystals for energy work are single crystals rather than clusters or geodes because they are easier to clean and don't contain hidden impurities.

Integrating Crystal water into your daily routine can offer a refreshing and potentially transformative experience. Whether you're seeking general wellbeing, specific therapeutic benefits, or simply a refreshing drink, crystal infused water provides a versatile and accessible means of harnessing the power of crystals. Remember to cleanse your crystals thoroughly and approach their use with intention and mindfulness for optimal results.

Have you tried using crystal-infused water? We'd love to hear about your experiences and the benefits you've noticed. Share your thoughts in the comments below and join the conversation on how crystals have impacted your life. Let's connect and empower each other on our journeys to wellness and self-discovery.

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