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How to cleanse your crystals

Regularly cleansing crystals is an essential practice to maintain their optimal energy and effectiveness. By understanding how to cleanse your crystals, you can better harness their energy to support your well-being and spiritual journey.

Why it's important to cleanse your crystals

Crystals have the ability to absorb the energy they are exposed to, which may not always be harmonious. For example, if you use a crystal for protection, it absorbs the energy it is protecting you from. Therefore, it is crucial to get rid of any negative energy that your crystal may have accumulated otherwise the energy that the crystal will be transmitting will not be clear or harmonious.

Renewing a crystal's energy can be done in a number of different ways, often through the elements of nature such as the earth, air/smoke, water and cosmic elements such as the sun and moon.

Choosing the right method to cleanse your crystals

With numerous crystal cleansing methods available, it can be challenging to determine which one to use for a particular crystal. Rely on your intuition and what is most practical for you in the moment. Building an intuitive relationship with your crystals is crucial as it allows for a unique connection.

There is no one best cleansing method over another. However, it's important to consider the specific characteristics of your crystal. Some crystals may not react well to water or salt. Here are nine commonly used crystal cleansing methods:

  1. Placing them under the full moon: By leaving the crystal outside on the ground overnight during a full moon, you can clear its energy by transmuting its vibrations into the earth, whilst charging it with lunar and cosmic energy. Even a windowsill that receives moonlight can be used.

  2. Soak them in moon water: Immerse your crystals in water under the light of the moon overnight. Ensure that the stones you choose can tolerate water.

  3. Bury them in the ground: Dig a small hole, place the crystal inside a small jar or plastic zip-bag or pouch, and cover it with soil. Leave it buried for at least a week to charge the stone with the earth's powerful properties. Don't forget to put a marker above where you have buried them!

  4. Give them a sound bath: Place the crystals inside a singing bowl or near a bell and produce sound vibrations. The sound can help shift frequencies through disrupting stored energies and moving through seemingly solid objects.

  5. Burn incense or herbs for clearing: Ask the plant and mineral guardians to help clear the crystal's energy. Pass your crystals through the smoke of the sacred herbs or incense for a few minutes. Then, and hold the intention of clearing the crystal's energy whilst doing so.

  6. Immerse crystals in salt: Preferably use sea salt, and let it sit overnight. Avoid using this method for softer stones that can be easily scratched.

  7. Use your breath to cleanse: Clear your mind, hold the crystal, and breathe out forcefully while quickly waving your other hand over it. Your breath can help clear the stone.

  8. Connect with your spirit guides: If you work with spiritual guides or deities, you can connect your crystals with them through prayer or meditation. Ask your guides to connect to the spiritual energy of your crystals and ask them to reset their energy, and align the crystal energy to yours.

  9. Cleansing visualisation: Visualize White Light entering and surrounding the crystal. See the light expanding and surrounding the stone, intending the removal of negativity until all the old energy dissolves. 

Cleansing your crystals can be a simple act that you choose to do as soon as you have finished working with one, or can be done whenever you are intuitively guided to do so. Some people use the cycles of the moon to help remind them to cleanse their crystals. Do you have another way that you like to cleanse your crystals? We would love to know! Comment below.


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    Remember to trust your intuition and choose the method that feels right for you and your crystals.


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