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Care Guide - Crystals and Jewellery


Cleaning crystals is essential to maintain their energy and appearance.

To clean your crystals, be sure to research your specific crystal's care needs to ensure you clean it effectively without causing any damage, as some are sensitive to water or certain cleaning agents. Regular cleaning helps your crystals retain their vibrancy and positive energy. For most crystals, a gentle dusting works well to keep them dust free.

Water Cleanse
Another option for water-safe crystals is to rinse under lukewarm running water or a brief soak in a mild, crystal-safe cleansing solution. Use a soft brush or toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt or dust, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Energetically Cleanse
Alternatively, you can cleanse them energetically with methods like smudging, sunlight, or sound.


To keep your silver and silver gemstone jewellery looking its best, follow these care tips

  • First, store them in a cool, dry place, preferably in individual pouches or a lined jewellery box to prevent tarnishing and scratches.
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, perfumes, and lotions, which can dull the metal and gemstones.
  • After wearing, gently wipe the jewellery with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oils and residue. Periodically, use a silver polishing cloth or a mild silver cleaning solution to restore their shine, being cautious not to damage any gemstones in the process.
  • Lastly, when not in use, keep your pieces securely stored to maintain their beauty for years to come.

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