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Selenite knives / athames / energy clearing tools
Selenite knives / athames / energy clearing tools

Selenite knives / athames / energy clearing tools

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These selenite knives/athames are AMAZING energy clearing and healing tools! I use mine in most sessions with clients, because they work so well to bring light into the energy body and clear away anything that needs to go. They are a MUST HAVE for any practitioner who does any kind of energy healing work.

Connecting with Selene the Greek goddess of the Moon, and Archangel Michael, these "swords of light" are excellent for clearing the auric field, cutting cords, clearing past emotions, drawing more spiritual energy into the lightbody and also connecting with higher spiritual realms. I also use mine to create a protective circle of light around my healing space, and also to do energy clearing of myself at the end of a session. They are wonderful for any kind of ritual or circle work too.

Selenite properties: Raise vibration, clearing, calming, divine light, mental balance, emotional stability, spiritual connection, telepathy, angelic protection, prosperity, love


C = 249g, 228 x 50 x 12mm - $45
F = 234g, 224 x 48 x 11mm - $45
M = 318g, 228 x 54 x 16mm - $50
O = 304g, 230 x 55 x 15mm - $50

Please note that these items are inherently fragile due to the softness of selenite, and require to be handled with care.