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Moonstone multi pendant with blue topaz 5.5g

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Beautiful rainbow Moonstone , set in 925 sterling silver with a gorgeous and simplistic design.

Moonstone is prized for its flashy blue and rainbow tones, and its assistance in creating emotional balance, and soothing stress. Moonstone is a stone of cycles and fertility. Connecting to Divine feminine energy, this stone is one to assist us in working with the “Yin” aspect of ourselves. Can assist us to strengthen intuitive and psychic abilities.

Metaphysical Properties:

MoonstoneAwareness of Cycles, Feminine energy, Fertility, Abundance, Enhance Intuition, Emotional Balance, Hormone balance, pregnancy, birthing, protection for mothers and children, Calming

Overall Stone Size: 35 x 10 x 3mm

Weight: 5.5g

Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver