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Mangano Calcite Sphere 700g PC137
Mangano Calcite Sphere 700g PC137
Mangano Calcite Sphere 700g PC137

Mangano Calcite Sphere 700g PC137

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Beautiful Pink Mangano Calcite sphere, from Pakistan. Pink Mangano Calcite is a soft pink variety of calcium carbonate (calcite) that has subtle white banding with soft baby pink and glows bright pink under UV light! The pink in the stone is due to its manganese content, hence the name (a.k.a Manganoan Calcite)

The gentle energy of Pink Mangano Calcite creates a vibration of Unconditional Love and Peace, gently opening and expanding the heart's energy field to create greater emotional perception and facilitating more harmonious relationships through increasing empathy.

Spheres represent wholeness, harmony, perfection and emanate energy in all directions. Spheres are great to place within a room to send energy out into a space. Spheres are great healing tools to release blocked energy and can be rolled/ massaged over tight or painful areas of the body to assist both physical and energetic release.

Mangano Calcite Properties: Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Harmonious Relationship, Enhance heart’s field, Emotional perceptiveness, Increases empathy, Energy amplifier, Clears stored energy, Reduce Fear & Stress, Gentleness, Peace

Size: 65mm

Weight: 700g

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