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Blue Calcite bowl 1356g  C925b
Blue Calcite bowl 1356g  C925b

Blue Calcite bowl 1356g C925b

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Pretty Blue Calcite bowl with a unique shape that would suit being in a corner.
Gemstone Bowls are both aesthetically pleasing, and also very practical! They make great gifts, as well as home decor. Gemstone Bowls have multiple functions. They can be the perfect for placing next to your bed for your jewellery to be placed in, or by the kitchen or bathroom sink for your rings! Or, you can use them to place other crystals or ornaments in for a cute display. Or, depending on the stone type, you can use the bowl to easily create your own gemstone water (ALWAYS CHECK if the stone safe to be used with water - some stones may be toxic).

Blue Calcite: Calm mind and nerves, enhance study and learning, memory, healing, relaxation, intuition, decision making, remembering dreams/ astral journeys, meditation, peaceful communication, optimism

Bowl Size:
13cm x 13cm x 4cm