Nature's Magick Crowdfunding Campaign to replace stolen stock


Unfortunately, we were recently robbed of a number of boxes of our crystal stock valued at around $4,000 on 2nd December (Images are of the stolen crystals). This was the night before our first market back after taking a break having our first child.

We have worked very hard to build our family business from the ground up, and we have put in a lot of our personal crystal collection and finances into growing our business to this point, and making it a success.

Having this happen is a big blow to us financially, as we had been relying on our sales over Christmas to help support our family.

How you can help us recover from our loss:

  • Make a purchase of any product on our website!
  • Make a donation to our crowdfunding campaign



    FUNDING GOAL: raise at least $2,000 to go towards replacing the stolen crystals, by 24th December 2018.

    How we will use the funds received:

    To replace the stolen crystals with similar items, of course! Sadly, some items will not be easily replaced, however… the crystals we will be purchasing will include:

    • Pink Dolomite / Cobaltian calcite
    • Clear quartz spheres
    • Celestite
    • Rhodonite
    • Moldavite
    • Danburite
    • Kunzite
    • Herkimer diamonds
    • Bismuth
    • Pyrite
    • Special types of quartz crystals (Aura quartz, Arkansas, lithium, amphibole, included quartz)
    • Chrysocholla

    Depending on how quickly we can recover some of the funds, we would ideally like to top up our stock from our African Supplier (there were 4 trays of our new stock stolen!) and through other suppliers where we get quality crystals and minerals from, before Christmas.


    You can choose to donate any amount you wish, in $5 increments. To donate $20, simply change the quantity to 4, so 4 x $5 = $20.

    As our thank you for your support:

    In appreciation of those who have offered donations to support us, you will receive a 20% off code to use on your next purchase.

    TO DONATE, please click here 

     Your code will be emailed to you within 48 hours of receiving your donation.


    It really means a lot to us that you want to help us overcome our setback.

    We send you our blessings and heartfelt gratitude for your kindness and goodwill!