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Amethyst and Atlantisite (stichtite in serpentine) pendant
Amethyst and Atlantisite (stichtite in serpentine) pendant

Amethyst and Atlantisite (stichtite in serpentine) pendant

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Pendant Size: 48 x 20 x 8mm

Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver

Beautiful purple Stichtite in green Serpentine is also known as "Atlantisite", that comes from Tasmania, Australia. This high vibe combination of Atlantisite and faceted Amethyst pendant, is set in a simple sterling silver setting with tiny Amethyst and Peridot. This combination of heart and crown chakra stones supports activation and opening of these centres.

Metaphysical Properties of Stichtite: Stichtite has a loving vibration that connects to the crown and heart chakras and thymus gland (higher heart chakra). May stimulate kundalini awakening, and connects to love, compassion, forgiveness and aids emotional healing. It also offers psychic protection and has a  positive effect on how we interact with others.

Atlantisite properties: Spiritual awareness, Awaken inner wisdom, Energetic purification, Right use of power, Earth healing, Stimulate kundalini

Amethyst: Spiritual Protection, Spiritual Awareness, Calming, Peace, Sleep, Dreams, EMF Protection, Addictions, Psychic development, Intuition, Meditation, Balancing Brain and Nervous System

Peridot: Heart clearing and healing, emotional balance, warmth, joy, light, beauty, protection, truth, manifesting, abundance, patience, clarity, confidence, love, ward against jealousy and psychic attack