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Aegirine is a member of the pyroxene group, and forms a series with the mineral Augite. It is well known for its long slender crystals with very distinctive terminations, and some of the more lustrous forms of this mineral are true classics. Aegirine was named by Norweigan mineralogist Hans Morten Thrane Esmark (1801–1882). Esmark named this mineral after Aegir, a mythical Norse sea god, in recognition of the discovery of Aegirine near the sea.

long, thin, prismatic, or bladed crystals, usually with a pointed pyramid on top (clinopinacoidal), and very often embedded in a matrix. Fibrous masses, radiating acicular sprays, and interlocking thin prismatic crystals are also common. May also be in reticulated masses and in grainy aggregates embedded in a matrix. Crystals are often striated lengthwise, and doubly-terminated crystals are occasionally found.

Metaphysical Properties of Aegirine: Base Chakra, Stone of Integrity, Align with conviction, Courage & confidence, Acceptance, Follow the heart, Strong protection, Strengthen aura, Emotional Healing, Clears negative thoughts & attachments, Wholeness


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